There’s no Place like Home!

Ah summer, vacation time. Time to leave the cool cocoon of Marin for points East, West, North and South. Whether its London, Paris, Hawaii, Alaska, or the ever-popular, Lake Tahoe, the best finale to any fantastic vacation is coming home to sleep in one's own bed and recall the many things we missed about Marin while crisscrossing the globe. If you can forget the standstill traffic into Stinson on a hot weekend, we really have a permanent vacation home right here in the Bay Area. Do you miss any of these things when travelling away from Marin?

  • Karl the Fog rolling over the hills at 4pm each day - don’t forget your sweater!
  • Mountain biking the Pine Mountain Loop or Camp Tamarancho Trail in Fairfax and then enjoying a well deserved brats and beer and bragging rights at Gestalt Haus.
  • Stand-up paddle boarding on glassy morning water in Sausalito followed by a Café Americano at Cibo.
  • Sunday morning Farmers Market at Marin County Civic Center, the third largest farmer’s market in the State.
  • Walking out your front door to go up and over the Dipsea steps and onto Sun Trail. Namaste!
  • Seeing the City by the Bay shining like Camelot in the mist as you take the ferry to work.
  • Coming round Golden Gate Avenue on Belvedere Island and seeing the Bay spread before you dotted with sailboats and Sausalito across the way.
  • Entering the rainbow tunnel on the Waldo Grade and knowing you are back in land of peacock feathers and hot tubbing. Exhale...
  • Bundling up in your ski clothing for summer Jazz by the Bay Friday night in Sausalito. 
  • Gavin, the bartender, greeting you by name as you enter Picco.
  • Running in to your local market ( be it Mill Valley Market, Woodlands, Paradise, Good Earth  or Whole Foods) intent on picking up a few things and running into several people you know thereby adding 30 minutes to your errand but getting up to speed on all the local news.
  • Meeting your favorite author at Book Passages in Corte Madera.
  • Picnic basket in hand for the Sunset Cruise on the Angel Island Ferry.
  • Leaving the front door unlocked and sometimes ajar throughout the day...still.
  • The smell of bay leaf and redwood mixed with sprinkling of dust as you walk the single track trail on King Mountain in Larkspur.
  • Checking out the latest billboard posting at the United Methodist Church in Mill Valley.
  • Heading out to Heart’s Desire Beach in West Marin and stopping for a fresh out of the oven morning bun at Bovine Bakery in Point Reyes Station beforehand.
  • Getting “lost” on Tam, feeling like you are in the middle of a vast nowhere and coming  over the hill and seeing Sutro Tower.
  • The sound of great horned owls at night.

What did you miss most about Marin this summer?