25 Marin Aha! Moments

Mt. Tam Sunset

Inspired by what people learned during their first year in various cities, we started compiling some secrets and Aha! moments discovered about Marin County during our first 12 months here. Whether you’ve been here for 2 months or 20 years the times are always changing:

  • Marin was so much better before you got here. 
  • Closets make wonderful bedrooms if the price is right. 
  • Always bring another layer, no matter how warm it looks when you leave the house in the morning.
  • Coffee is never just coffee. Pour over? Single origin? Fair trade? Cold pressed?!
  • The Peso is not Mexican currency. And the Deuce is not a playing card.
  • Say goodbye to a burrito under $5 but say hello to uniformly great food. From Sushi Ran to Woodland’s Market, eating never hurt good.
  • The Prius has been usurped by the Tesla as Marin’s signature car.
  • Be sure to wave when entering and leaving Tiburon because you’re on candid camera.
  • Getting into a the “right”school is a blood sport.
  • It’s a cruel joke that anyone thinks they can go to Stinson Beach to work on their tan and splash in the warm Pacific. Think of it as a free microdermabrasion session instead.
  • The Grateful Dead who aren’t dead all live here and they shop at Whole Foods.
  • By 11:30 am any day of the week there is no parking available at The Village, Bon Air, Marin Country Mart, Town Center or Northgate Malls.
  • Announcing what town/neighborhood you live in is akin to stating your income level, where you went to school and your political bent.
  • Some people load the top of their cars with boards, bikes and boxes so they can pretend that they live in Marin (you know who you are).
  • When a house is described as a ‘Tree House”, it literally is one.
  • You do not need a passport to go to Novato but you do need one to go to Petaluma.
  • You are only considered a native if your family came over on the VW bus and lived in a teepee in Nicasio for 5 generations.
  • The Church of Mount Tamalpais. No tithing…, just skinned knees.
  • Wearing yoga pants to dinner out is acceptable. Wearing bike or running shorts to brunch is acceptable. It is not acceptable to wear a tie anywhere.
  • Rustic Bakery is anything but rustic.
  • You can be married and live in Sausalito but children are discouraged.
  • Don’t let the Namaste fool you,Yoga is competitive.
  • Because it looks like it does, that is why we pay resort prices to live here.
  • When the sun rises over the water or sets slowly over Tam with it’s crazy quilt glow, we forget everything that I just listed and it’s all just magical to be here now.

This is just the best place on earth.