A Ghastly Q3 Market Report, Put Down that Pumpkin Carving Knife

The Days of Sight-Unseen, Over-Asking-Price, As-Is Offers Has Arrived.  Typically, the end of the year is a quiet time in the market while attention turns to the holidays. But not in 2014. Two different homes were listed in Mill Valley, both in the $4M range. Both were purchased within days, one by a foreign buyer who bought it sight unseen for $700,000 over the asking price and the other was purchased by a local buyer for $300,000 over the asking price!  The severely restricted inventory we are experiencing still seems to be finding a voracious appetite from buyers for homes in Marin communities especially as interest rates are expected to continue their record lows.  You may want to put aside your pumpkin carving and wreath making and reconsider selling your home in this astonishing market.