What's Wrong With Mill Valley?

image As a 17 year resident of Escalon Dr. there are some real issues we need to address about Northridge at the upcoming neighborhood meeting:

  1. It’s too darn sunny and warm.
  2. Window cleaning bills for the 360 degree views.
  3. Can’t decide where to hike with so many Open Space trail options.
  4. My commute is too short to San Francisco
  5. How to choose between so many great schools.
  6. I never get to practice my parallel parking on our wide streets.
  7. It’s too quiet, peaceful and private.

The one thing right with Mill Valley? Scarcity. Real estate buyers are clamoring for homes in neighborhoods like ours.

- 8609 # of homes in Mill Valley

- 37 homes for sale in Q1 2013

- 75 homes sold in Q1 2013

- 82 days on the market on average

Many homes in this small pool had multiple offers and sold for 10-30% over their asking price. All this means intense demand from buyers and scarcity of homes resulting in the best sellers market since 2007.

For a more complete view of the market, please look at the Pacific Union Q1 market report.