What’s Your Architectural Style?

Home Style Quiz

Georgian, Tudor,  Victorian, Traditional - These are some of the architectural styles that abound. When it comes to purchasing a home, we all have an idea of the style we like and that reflects our personality and lifestyle. Throughout Marin the four most prominent styles are: Ranch; Mediterranean; Modern; and Farmhouse. Which one of these styles personifies your tastes?

Take the quiz to find out by answering the following questions and tally your answers:


1. What is your favorite color?

A.  Avocado green

B.  Burnt umber

C.  Stainless steel

D.  White, white and more white.


2. What is your beverage of choice?

 A.  PBR

B.  Sangria

C. Vodka martini with an olive, shaken not stirred

D.  Hard lemonade in a Mason jar


3. What car would you drive?

A. Bicycle

B.  Fiat 500 in red

C. Tesla or I use my Uber app.

D.  Range Rover


4.  What is your favorite TV show?

 A. Mad Men

B. Downton Abbey

C.  Silicon Valley

D.  Anything on the Bravo network


5. What is your favorite animal companion?

A.  A dog

B.  A cat

C.  No pets please, roomba robot.

D. Heritage chickens


6. What are you currently reading?

 A. Catch 22

B. A Year in Provence

C.  Dwell Magazine

D. Country Living and Garden&Gun


7.  What can’t you live without?

A. Shop Vac

B. Nespresso Machine

C. Nest

D. Reclaimed wood floors


8. What are you listening to right now?  

A. Frank Sinatra

B. Aria from Carmen

C. Silence

D. The sound of a John Deere, barking dogs and kids laughing


9. Which “Words to Live By” resonates with you?

 A. Nostalgia isn’t what It used to Be

B. Carpe Diem

C.  Om

D. Reality is for people who lack imagination


If you answered:

Mostly A’s you are a California Ranch Home: Life isn’t about having the latest and greatest but it is about comfort and functional flow throughout the home. A low roof line, open floor plan, large windows and sliding glass doors to retract into the backyard are great for hosting a BBQ around your Weber while Lassie runs around.

Mostly B’s you are a Tuscan or Spanish Colonial Style Home: Inspired by a trip to the Mediterranean, you are drawn to curves, arches and stucco exterior.  Large wooden doors and ornamental iron work frame your life and a terra cotta patio where screenings of Under the Tuscan Sun takes place for family and friends each summer under the grape arbor. The beautiful Morrocan fountain tiles never fail to remind you to seize the day.

Mostly C’s you are a Modern Wonder: You’re understated yet daring in your simplicity. You live for clean lines, hard surfaces and there is nothing to hide under those bold roof lines and statement windows. Your open floor plan and exposed beams make for the perfect backdrop against your energy efficient, yoga toned , martini sipping lifestyle.

Mostly D’s you’re just a little bit country Farmhouse:  You enjoy your all white homestead with loved ones and can be found spending most of your time in a large, gourmet kitchen cooking and baking for your family with recipes found on Pinterest. Each evening you retreat to the front porch swing to watch the kids play while enjoying  a drink in your mason jar before gathering the pastel-colored eggs from your heritage chickens .

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