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As the days grow shorter, the leaves turn and fall to the ground, there is a sharp nip in the air. Thoughts turn to the abundance around us in Marin and gratitude that we get to live in such a special place. In no particular order, herewith is a partial list of things I am thankful for:

  • Thankful that even our local religious institutions that have a sense of humor as evidenced by the Mt. Tam United Methodist Church’s billboards
  • Thankful for Governor Moonbeam, Jerry Brown and our sanctuary state. A ray of sanity in a crazy climate
  • Thankful that Philz Coffee finally came back to Marin
  • Thankful for our brave firefighters and other first responders. These are the true heroes
  • Thankful for our community banding together to support each other in times of crisis
  • Thankful for Mount Tamalpais, always a beacon beckoning with its trails and vistas
  • Thankful for the Giants Ferry from Larkspur. Go Giants!! 
  • Thankful for our Seniors who stand and sit outside the Redwoods on Friday protesting injustice
  • Thankful for the running, laughing and playing children all around that remind us to stay young at heart
  • Thankful for the opportunity to help others find their forever homes in Marin
  • Thankful that Marin is our home